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    Welcome to the Heart of the Cape Karoo Beaufort West
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    Beaufort West, enjoy, relax, revive and be inspired by the beauty of the Cape Karoo
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    Where the Earth meets the Sky

A warm welcome to the Heart of the Cape Karoo! A world of wonderful surprises awaits once you enter this magnificent part of the Western Cape in South Africa. Besides its natural beauty, Beaufort West offers vast and unique entrepreneurial opportunities. A huge variety of unexpected possibilities will take you way beyond your imagination. Let the big horizons of the Karoo inspire you and... prepared to expect the unexpected!

Feel welcome to enquire at our new tourism office to give you sound advice, useful information, professional service and a warm welcome, whenever you choose to travel through one of the most breathtaking sceneries South Africa has to offer. Enjoy your stay in Beaufort West and the Central Karoo!

26 Things to do in Beaufort West

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